Monday, October 1

Mad Man & Lately

Our son is a mad man. I am here typing this post with wet hair post the most eventful shower I have ever had the pleasure of taking. Jude has been way into carrying, stacking, putting away anything he can get his hands on. It's his passion at the moment. His mission. And he won't stop.

Today, while I was attempting to be a normal member of society and take a shower post workout, he was on a mission all his own. Elsa was taking her afternoon nap so I had a little window of time while I waited for Jude finally give up and sleep (yes, she sleeps more than him. Mad I tell ya). So this is typically my shower time. 

I closed the bathroom door, the closet door, the toilet door and dared to step in, giving him free reign of the bathroom. 

I learned the toilet room door has to be closed the hard way, when I went in to use it one night and turned the light on to a teddy bear staring back at me from inside the toilet. Yep, he stuffed the toilet full of stuffed animals. 

I called George and he disposed of Jude's victims but not before we both took a moment to just stare at the toilet and shake our heads. And all I could think of is how hard Jude must have worked and how many trips he had to make to accomplish fitting three medium sized stuffed animals in the toilet. This didn't happen under my watch, of course. The toilet lid was left open so all evidence points towards Dad. Hi, George!

So I usually have no problem taking a shower with Jude in the room. I know he is safe, I have my eyes on him at all times and it gives him a change to continue his mission and carry objects from our drawers to the tub, over and over. It  brings him much joy. 

Well, today, mid-shower I did a spot check on him and caught him lugging an entire box of curlers to the tub. I probably had soap in my eyes or something and by the time I rinsed and jumped out soaking wet, he had dumped the curlers in the tub, with a thud, turned the water on and gave them a nice drench, all with the proudest little smile on his face. 

I don't know what to do. Basically what I am trying to tell you is that my life is over. He now climbs onto the beds and jumps dangerously close to the edge, of course. He climbs onto the living room furniture and jumps. The chairs in our living room are currently with legs in the air to prevent him from climbing up and taking a major crash. But he sees the upside down chairs as a new climbing challenge to master. If I gave him the chance I know he could climb out of his crib. I'm exhausted but secretly loving watching this curious, wild, determined boy at work. 

I realize someday that this will all make sense. Like when he picks his profession in life or his hobby or whatever, we will all be like, "Oh, yeah! We knew you would do this because you used to love to put strange objects in toilets when you were a baby." 

I know I probably won't have the change to write again in a timely fashion (since my life is over) so here is a little bit of lately.

George took Ny went to the El-lesh-you game on Saturday. It was the highlight of her life. They tailgated before the game in an RV or as Nyah called it, a house that moves. They had great fun, she got to eat cotton candy but was tired by half time and was asleep before they arrived home.

And the next day, it was like she and George had some secret pact or something. Like their bond was stronger. They had experience stuff together that I just wasn't a part of. She needed an extra kiss before bed last next night, and she headed straight for George to get it.
Happy October to all.

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