Wednesday, October 31


Lots going on in our normally overly routine life. First of all, we had a wonderful weekend being spoiled by Nana. Food, shopping, new books, laughs, it was great. And we are excited to welcome more company tomorrow. The kids are in heaven with all of these people around to wake up early.
While Nana was here, we gave Jude his first haircut. It was nice to have a third person around. One person to hold him, one to cut, and one to take photos (obviously) and watch the girls. 

I know you all thought the tree hugger in me would just let his hair grow and be but, well, it was getting so long that I couldn't comb it in the 20 seconds he gives me and he was starting to look a bit on the wild side. So after much agonizing (me convincing George), we went for it.

It looks awesome and he looks like such a big kid with his new haircut. I am telling you, if you can, try to have kids with curly hair. It makes for the easiest home haircuts. All of the mistakes just curl up. 
Elsa surprised me the other day (as she always does). I asked her to go sign Grampa's birthday card and when I caught back up with her, this is what I found. 
Her first "E"! I am so proud. And this is what I heard her saying from the back seat while I was driving today, "Twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine, twenty ten, thirty." Love the logic behind that.
Keeping watch, making sure Daddy doesn't miss a spot.
And that's about it. We are just enjoying life, the weather, and family until George starts school again. The madness all starts next week. 

Happy Halloween!

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