Saturday, August 25

On the Move

Look who decided to get up and start walking this week. We are so proud of our guy and the progress he makes daily.

I would have loved to post a video of his actual first steps but those happened Wednesday after I forced him to walk. Well kind of. I stood him about one inch in front of me and sweet talked him into my arms and then covered him in kisses. I guess he was into it because the next try he took two steps and by the end of the day he was taking 5-6 steps and by last night, well, he was walking across the room.

I guess he was a better walker than even he thought. But I am finding out he is absolutely not the type to just go for it and take rough falls that come with learning something new. Cautious this one. He waited to walk until he was ready and even now he doesn't fall, he simply opts to squat to a seated position prior to the major wipe out. 

I wonder how long this cautious approach to life will last? Into his teen years maybe? And then some? I really wouldn't have a problem with skipping a few of those broken bones, stitches and emergency room visits I've learned come with the boy territory.

So there you have it. All of our kids can walk. Check it off the list. On to the next milestone.

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