Wednesday, August 15

A Kindergartner

This is what a kindergartner looks like.
She's anticipated this day for quite some time and was so excited when the morning finally arrived, probably mostly to finally be able to wear her uniform, but excited none the less.

And though I thought I was ready, the truth came out the night before, like I was the one about to walk into a huge school and start my life of learning. 

She has been in "school" since she was two and a half. I should be an old pro at this, right? But no. It's so different. She has always attended small, sweet schools where I could look her teacher in the eye and chat about my child everyday at drop off and pick up. Schools where the teachers would tell Ny they love her on a daily basis, and kiss her, and hug her. Schools where she was free to be a kid. And now, my sweet baby being one of almost 800 other kids. I flipped, my mind filled with what-ifs.

And she wanted to ride the bus. But, after drop off the first day, I realized that her school is a loving place. She walked in like a superstar, meeting up with all the neighborhood kids as they exited the bus. And I got to say hey to the teacher and watch her settle in, though she just wanted me to go, thank goodness.

I am that parent and can't help it, not one bit.

And the highlight of her day? Throwing the food she didn't eat at lunch away, like in the garbage. No left overs at school. And showing her teacher that she could tie her shoe. Thats all I got out of her because in true kindergartner style, all of my questions about her day were met with, "I don't know". 
But she is still not riding the bus. Baby steps (for momma).


  1. :),you have officially became a parent of a true kindergartener. "I don't know." hehehe

  2. I know, here we go! Nyah was just looking at pictures of you today, and she was of course asking about Eve. We miss our island family so much!


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