Sunday, April 8

Our Weekend in Photos

The weather is great down here, as I'm sure it is in most of the country, and Caribbean. We have been taking full advantage and spending most of our days outside because as I have been warned, soon it will be too warm and humid to do so. 
"Mom, we have a pool, right? Just not one of those big ones like other people." Love her positive outlook on things.
We are still discovering the area and ventured out to a new park on Saturday and oh was it wonderful. Nature and a lake and interesting play equipment. Jude went for his first swing and giggle more than ever. Video to come in the next post.
Doing the Easter egg thing. Wait, you don't dye eggs in your swimsuit?
 And finally, Easter morning. The Easter rabbit was good to his girls.
 And boy.
We are happy anytime we have George home for an extra day and this weekend was not exception. Hope you are enjoying the season as much as we are.

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