Wednesday, March 28

Confession & Nyah Photos

Confession time over here. Gotta get some stuff off my chest. And of course in the grand scheme of things, anything I mention in this post is absolutely miniscule. But I have to admit that I think I have self diagnosed blogger burnout. As in I am so tired of hearing my own voice, my own thoughts, ideas, and opinions. I am bored with myself but I feel a certain guilt when I take long hiatus from the blog, like I'm a blogging failure, a total drop out.  I know there are family members out there waiting to see what is going on with the children they love and I feel like I am letting them down when I don't produce. 

So I am going to get back to basics. Get back to what this little blog was intended to be about. Remember what I wrote in my first post ever?

My main reason for starting this blog is to make sure our family, both near and far, can share in   our life. I know I am not the blogging type, I am not a writer nor do I claim to be. I am using this blog as journal to record this beautiful life I have been blessed to live. I don't want to forget a single second. I also think it will be nice for the girls to look back and see what inspired and motivated me at this time in my life. So this blog is for our girls, my family, and me. Enjoy if you choose.

So that is what I will be providing from now on. Little updates of the kids here and there, weekly? Monthly? Who knows. When I get time to collect my thoughts and then type those thoughts is probably when it will happen. But those moments seem to be few and far lately. 

Elsa is in such an active, curious, talkative and awesome phase right now (like always) and the time she is awake is precious and I want to give her 100% of me. Jude needs so much love an attention right now (as always) so that means I am constantly loving on him/holding him during his waking hours so that means I have to get busy doing the stuff that makes our family clean and healthy during nap time. And when Ny gets home from school, it is on. Referee, judge, and chef me is needed and I have to be on top of my game. 

So, hopefully this is just a passing thing and I will get my time and inspiration back, but who knows. Thats the funny thing about me and creativity. It seems to come and go. With the blog the creativity in me stuck around for almost a good two years. Lets see what the future holds.

With that being said. Here is a little Nyah photo update. She has turned into the ultimate babysitter, specializing in little brothers...
For the record, the little leopard number Ny is wearing is a hand me down and is worn inside the house only. George almost choked the first time he saw it and naturally, Nyah adores it.


  1. I love the little number! Is it velvet? I also love your blog. LOVE IT.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jami. And you know its velvet. She would get stuck with a Mom with no style and no high heels. You (and Nana) might be her only hope for fashion insight. Because she loves it all!


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