Wednesday, February 29

One To Go

I have a major announcement to make. I feel completely safe saying this because we haven't had any accidents in an entire week. Ready? WE NOW ONLY HAVE ONE KID IN DIAPERS!  

We are so excited and so proud of our Elsa. She has completely rocked at this whole potty training business. And I just have to say that it's really awesome to not have to change a two year olds dirty diaper anymore. I love it and I love her for being so wonderful.
Our next major hurdle to overcome is her fear of big toilets. We made the mistake and potty trained her on a little toilet that sits on the ground. So now when we are out and she sees one of those monster toilets that flushed with your foot she shuts down and will not go near it. Even if her sister and I have just shown her how its done. She will have absolutely nothing to do with it. 

I guess I can't blame her though. She is still so little and those toilets are so huge and so loud. So she just dances around and grabs certain parts of her body and holds it until I rush her home so she can use her little pink potty. 

I would love to share some major potty training secret with you but I have none. It was all her. She was ready. 

So thats it. Two down, one to go. 

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