Wednesday, February 8

The Backyard

Though the color of the water in their lives has changed a bit, it still seems to have the same appeal. 
Water has such a way of drawing them in. Today, to do some "fishing". 
This is the body of water behind our house and up until this point, we had not let them get down and dirty in it yet. There is a steep incline heading to the water where they have the opportunity to build some speed. I have such fear that one might run straight in since we don't have a fence up to prevent this, yet.  (And now you know what I think about at night when the lights go out.)
But yesterday after they had had their share of picking flowers weeds to give each other and me, chasing each other, and squinting into the sun, I finally gave in. The worst that could happen is that one would go in and I would just have to stand up and go in after them. Big deal. 

How could an island momma have a fear of the water for her children you ask? Well, I don't know. It happens. Maybe because they aren't strong swimmers and I usually don't have all hands on deck since Jude has staked claim to them, and since the water is now in our backyard. Who knows? But this reminds me that I must get around to scheduling those swim lessons. For my sanity.

But I am so glad I dropped my fears for that moment because they had so much fun being kids. Must check myself more often. 

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