Friday, July 8

Guess Who?

Our days our have been passing sweetly, spent giving as much love as possible to all of our babies. A full mutual tag team effort by George, my mom, grandmother and I to make sure all have adequate attention and remain in their routine, not to disrupt lives too much. Its hard with lack of sleep and a new person in the house to get to know but we are loving every minute and falling into our new routine. 

I couldn't ask for more from the sisters, they are adoring their brother more by the minute with no hint of jealously, even from Elsa. Its quite amazing, not sure what I expected but her independence hasn't wavered with the arrival of Jude. They are siblings and their love for each other is something we should all take lessons in, pure love. They express their affection in heart warming ways to little baby bruder Jude constantly. 

As I look at him and get to know him, there is something so familiar about him yet so different. Can you guess which baby is who? 
I see more of them in each other than I recognize George and I in any of them. They are the best of each other.
We are so content and happy with the three photos above and perfectly certain that I can confidently say shop closed with no prediction of regrets later down the road. We are a family and we are complete. We have our hands full, literally, (which I have a feeling is pretty obvious by my lack of writing, I have never been good at one handed typing as my other is forever full). In time I hope I will be able to get back to documenting this amazing life but in the mean time I am feeling thankful daily, we have been blessed beyond words.

Photos above:

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