Monday, July 30

An Update

The older our three get the more apart they seem to grow in terms of vices, nuances, interests, personalities, dislikes, and the list goes on. Elsa likes peanut butter on her sandwich, cut into squares. Nyah prefers just jelly, no peanut butter, open faced. Nyah dislikes ketchup, and Jude just wants a bite. Ny wants anything sweet while Elsa pefers meat, especially if George is eating it. But wow, do they ever have fun together.

Jude has started joining the girls as they are off playing whatever they play in their rooms for hours on end. He sneaks in their room and I leave him for a minute or so and then it usually time to rescue him from whatever they are forcing him to do. Here he is making his escape after they attempted to dress him up.
The girls enjoying a rainy day.
 Elsa trying to fit Jude's glasses over her hair.
 My view while preparing dinner (on a good day). These girls can work I tell ya.
Jude's joy in life-pots and pans. Actually, banging those glass lids on the tile is his real jam but he usually only gets a few good bangs in before someone stops him. Noise. 
Jude is still interseted in climbing on anything he can find. And then smiling at us one he reaches the summit.
While we know Elsa loves nothing more than softly caressing her dirty blankey under her nose to soothe herself, Jude's new object of comfort just happens to be what ever is down my shirt. And it's not just me. When he's really tired and ready to get cozy his arm starts heading down George's shirt too. I just happen to have a little more going on down there so it can be a bit akward when we are out in public and Jude decides to get comfortable. But whatever. Nothing seems to surprise me these days. We are really getting a laugh out of this though. I am sure he will never be able to live this one down.
Nyah's life revolves around tasks these days, like drawing stars, letters, or houses, or making "soup" in the sink. And of course, dressing herself is still her main passion. While I was getting dressed the other day she took me into my closet and was trying to persuade me to wear some dress I have in my closet that I haven't worn for years. But thats just the way I want it. I am sure she will be dressing me or trying to make me look the way she wants for years to come and I look forward to it. She really has her eye on my wedding dress, as you can imagine.
And oh Elsa. The joy of our days is still our comedian, singing and dancing at any chance. She has been sneaking into our bed in the early morning hours more than not lately. We are just too tired to return her to her normal sleeping spot. Some mornings I wake up and am so thankful for a king sized bed, it can get pretty tight in there. She is so in tuned to all the happenings and feelings of all of us in the house. 
The above photos are from the Louisiana Children's Museum. They had a cool video screen our girls got real comfortable in front of. Can you tell who is who?
My grandma (Nan) is coming into town this week and we will take Vanity south (to Florida) to visit more family. The girls are totally pumped up about another road trip and so am I. I guess enough time has passed since our last mad dash to Indiana, so the idea of a road trip with the kids (without George) is all rainbows and glitter in my mind right now. And yep, I think I will leave my computer at home. An old fashioned vacation with my littlest loves sounds perfect to me.

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  1. Oh, what a great update! Thank you for sharing the details of the children whom we all love so much! They are life's greatest blessings! Please give hugs and kisses to all from Nanna! Have a safe and fun trip!


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